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Surveillance specialists

В основном сейчас у людей видеонаблюдение ассоциируется с огромным количеством камер, размещенных по всему дому или офису.

We will help to conduct wiretapping on the street

If you have your own company or you work as a head of the company, then you certainly want your whole team to be faithful and responsible in achieving common goals.

We will help to find a person for shadowing

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice. After all, in this case, any mistake can lead to a fiasco.


Detective agency in Novograd Volyn


Most often, the need for the services of private detectives arises when a family, personal or professional problems. And of course, that the customer in this case rely on the maximum competence of agents who do not have the extra time to explain exactly what is required of him. Another important condition is sufficient, in cooperation with private detectives is in complete privacy. Some customers even aspire to remain anonymous. And all of these criteria and conditions of work are the bedrock of the detective agency "Private detective Zhitomir."

Every employee of our detective agency in Novograd Volyn has a unique ability to find the most accurate and optimal solutions in almost every situation they face. Depending on the task ahead of us we employ individual specialists or a whole group of our employees who are able to work well in a team and alone. And this is another advantage of working with our detective agency in Novograd Volyn. Turning to us once, you will no longer need to search for other professionals, because we offer a very wide range of services. And many of those who receive information from us as a result of an investigation conducted by ramie to identify her husband's infidelity or the wife, then immediately ordered a lawyer for the organization of a divorce because of infidelity women or men. Thus, you save your time on searching for other artists and has assured that our detective agency, you will get a high quality service and guarantee the interaction only with the best specialists in their field.

Search for missing people

Search of people who suddenly disappeared, to be organized as soon as possible after you become aware of the disappearance of a loved one. In this we are largely compares favorably with the work of law enforcement agencies, as starting work in this direction immediately after handling the customer to us, not waiting for a certain time and not wasting time on unnecessary bureaucracy. But in this case, when it comes to locating the relatives, also not excluded and our interaction with government representatives that will make our work more efficient and effective. In this process we use all possible resources and ways to search for people by name. But the more background information will be provided to you, the less of our time will be spent on additional information gathering. In some cases we are able to fairly quickly find a person by phone number.

It is worth noting that we are working not only with missing people, but also to those with whom you have a connection has been lost. Sometimes we just treat us to help find an old friend by the name or address of the installed on the phone, if the person did not return calls. In working with us there is absolutely no restrictions. You tell us about your problem, we will do our best to help you in solving it.

Identification of adultery in Novograd Volyn

Anyone engaging in legitimate relationship with their loved one, dreams of a happy family life, in which there will be strong shocks, and certainly not the question arises about the change of the husband or wife. But unfortunately, no matter how we tried at times to save your marriage from infidelity no one is safe. And sometimes even the people themselves can not guarantee that they personally would not change a beloved woman or beloved man. But if you're guaranteed to want to know whether your wife's lover, you should not spend time on personal surveillance of a person or other actions. Book in our detective agency checks on loyalty, which will give you a hundred percent reliable answers. In this case your significant other will be completely unaware of your awareness.

How to protect yourself from spyware?

detective Agency

To absolutely no interest to the spies, simply do not live in this world. But to take certain measures to ensure your safety, our employees can. One of the necessary action in this case is to check the premises to detect listening devices. Besides the fact that spyware can keep yours hidden photographic surveillance, they will want to arrange your wiretap conversations. But the most reliable antiproslushka - a personal work of specialists in finding bugs. And even if you personally have any knowledge in this area, without special skills and modern equipment that we have, you will not find yourself wiretapping of mobile phones, and has even more to eliminate them.

The more that we are willing to spend at this polygraph test each of your employee, who may be involved in espionage. Especially need to check a polygraph everyone who has personal access to the databases that store important information of your company. And, of course, these checks will help you understand exactly who is behind you surveillance.





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