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В основном сейчас у людей видеонаблюдение ассоциируется с огромным количеством камер, размещенных по всему дому или офису.

We will help to conduct wiretapping on the street

If you have your own company or you work as a head of the company, then you certainly want your whole team to be faithful and responsible in achieving common goals.

We will help to find a person for shadowing

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice. After all, in this case, any mistake can lead to a fiasco.



Boris Grebenyuk

Hello, I'm a lawyer. I was very pleased with the collaboration with detectives from the Private Detective Zhytomyr agency. There was a need to find in Zhytomyr a person who is the sole heir to an apartment in the Russian Federation. Law enforcement authorities could not help. Agency staff completed their work quickly and efficiently, providing me with all the comprehensive information about the wanted person. Thanks to the staff of the Private Detective agency, I managed to contact the heir by telephone. Thank you very much. I recommend to all real professionals in their field

Lawyer: Boris Grebenyuk, +79029450878, +73915122003, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, 9th microdistrict, 9 - 37 office



Detectives have helped me regain my honest name. In the company where I worked, documents disappeared, and for some reason I was accused, threatened to open a criminal case. I could not prove his own innocence, and professionals have helped me. Head apologized to me, colleagues, too, but I was still do not work. You can not remain in a team where you do not trust enough. She found a new job and a much better accountant. Thank detectives agency, that I have all ended so well.


Turned to the detectives. First, our work is not really go well. I needed to find a mate with whom spoke a few years ago and accidentally left his papers. He moved, and I could not find it, do not answer it, I forgot the name. It was difficult, but I still helped detectives.

Michael S., the head of the company

I express my gratitude to the professional work of detectives from the agency "Private detective Zhitomir," which we spent in the company of a polygraph test personnel. The study helped to identify the causes of the disappearance of some important documents.

Svetlana N.

Faced with such a ridiculous problem: someone is always picking my front door. I was afraid that the thieves picked up the keys. Thanks to the help of detectives problem disappeared. It turned out that a neighbor with a different floor, which recently moved just confused the door (as we have it with the same upholstery). Thank you for your help in such a comical situation.

Konstantin O.

In our company the agency specialists have inspected all employees to a lie detector, so find out the cause disappearances illiquid. Involved in the theft of employees laid off. The company is now working again as normal.


Recently, I had to apply to the agency for help, and I was offered the services of a lawyer. Shared property with a former spouse, everything went pretty smoothly, come to a compromise. Thank you for your expert help.


Contacted the agency after the theft of my car. State agencies are loaded to similar treatment, and to find the car itself is not possible. In a private detective Zhitomir helped me in a few days, the car was found. However, it was damaged, but it is better to return something, you lose everything.

Snezana K.

The agency "Private detective Zhitomir" found out that my husband was cheating on me, which allowed me to get a divorce and get rid of a bad marriage contract, which is signed by stupidity. Photographic materials were proof of his infidelity in court, and the contract terminated. I have not lost anything. Thank detectives.


On behalf of our company "Stelko-MT" I want to thank the detectives agency for a job well done. We ordered the inspection of business partners, through which it was possible to avoid unreliable transaction.


This agency - super! Helped me to quickly find a friend with whom he vacationed in Estonia! Class!


Thanks to the agency found the sister of his father.


Asked quietly watch for my girlfriend. Now I know the reason for her disappearance, everything is great!


Not long ago I was a trouble (I will not describe the details). Detectives are so tenderly and kindly treated me and helped get out of a difficult situation, I am very pleased that there are people and companies such as "Private Detective Zhitomir." Thank you very much to all of you, ladies and gentlemen detectives!

Victoria Stanislavovna

I do not usually write reviews, but then could not resist. I can not express my gratitude to the employees of the agency "Private detective Zhitomir." Once upon a time we were separated in childhood with his brother, I was looking for him for a long time, but the search was fruitless. The authorities do not conduct such searches, and knocking out inquiries and any information not consuming as much money as time and nerves. And while no guarantees. But here's the detectives managed to do what I could not for many years. Thank you very much.


I have a small company, and I needed help when it became clear that some of the employees regularly stealing money from the company's budget. I decided to take a polygraph. Such a service was on the list of detective agency "Private detective Zhitomir." Polygraph checked all employees, and found those involved in the theft. Thank you.


Take gratitude for only the quality of your checking my car to detect listening devices. Your employees worked perfectly, you can feel the hand of professionals. It's hard to even think if I did not help get rid of surveillance in this way. Now my car - it's just my car in which I can have any discussions and negotiations without prying ears.

Christina A.

Thank you for helping detectives in search of a relative. Were lining, met namesakes, but detectives have succeeded and found my uncle, who left many years ago, and we lost. Now the family is restored through the efforts of the employees of the agency.

Oleg, CEO

I never thought I would have to speak to the detectives, but I'm glad you asked. In the office, you had to find listening devices, as there were suspicions of interference competition. Everything went quiet that none of the staff had not even noticed, all at the highest level!


 have a young wife and I recently began to doubt her fidelity. She did not give reasons, but constantly leaking information that I am concerned. It turned out that a year later she was cheating on me with my same friends. I am grateful to my friends, to suggest to apply to "private detective Zhitomir" and detectives agencies that all figured out.


How glad I am that time asked the detectives of the agency " Private detective Zhitomir ." Thank you ! If your agency does not , then I would lose a large sum of money. I offered to buy the car and is very inexpensive, and everything seemed very honest. But her husband something seemed too great, and he insisted on checking the car for theft . And I had no idea that there is this kind of service. Detectives found out everything , and the car really was listed as stolen . Save failed, but I kept the money that I have, and I have them not so much. Thank you so much !


Gratitude agency "Private detective Zhitomir" for their work! It so happened that I had to turn to the detectives, helped. Professionals present at a level, will recommend! Thank you so much!


Many thanks to the agency! Were dispelled doubts that I have a rival. My husband often has to stay at work, there were trips, so the first thought that came to my mind that it appeared someone. I sighed with relief when I proved that it really is very much work. Our relationship is restored.


Hello ! I very much want to thank the detectives for help . Much they helped me to find the grave of my grandfather , who died in the war. My grandmother told me a lot about my grandfather Macara . He went off to war, and she remained at home pregnant . But a year before the victory came a letter in which it was stated that his grandfather was missing. We as a family have decided to start looking for my grandfather , but independent searches were in place. I had to use the services of professional investigators. In a few weeks they were able to raise the military archives and trace the path that his grandfather was in the war , and found the place of his burial in Eastern Europe, where we together with her gone . Thanks for the help !


I also had a chance to use the services of a private investigator Zhytomyr. I'm having personal issues that most could not be resolved. There were suspicions that his wife is unfaithful. Detectives conducted an investigation, and all turned out, all confirmed! Respect detectives!


It is interesting, but the agency works well outside of Ukraine. Needed help when I was not in Ukraine, and there is talk about the problem was simply no one. Searching the Internet sites of agencies, decided to try to take advantage of services. The problem was quite spicy, but as no surprise, it worked. I was helped. Asked to write a review, I gladly did! Thank you!


I'm a former customer detective Zhitomir, and at first did not believe in the quality of services of the agency. I was particularly alerted the moment you have to pay and the second part will be issued only if the results of the investigation. I'm not a little afraid of blackmail, and has presented himself as a victim. An, no, honestly, after payment received results. Thank you for your promptness and honesty!

Vladimir, Director of Human Resources

Our company has successfully cooperated with a detective agency "Private detective Zhitomir" the verification of their employees. Our company is a medium-sized, but with a significant turnover are large quantities of wholesale, therefore, we have to be completely sure of the warehouse and retail workers. It is difficult to overestimate the results of the checks detective agency and quality. All results are obtained quickly, objective evaluation. Recommend this detective agency as particularly reliable.

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