Detective agency in Ovruch

Detective agency in Ovruch


Detective Agency "Private detective Exactly", which also operates in the city and Ovruch, highly qualified specialists in the field of private investigation that may assist you in almost any situation to their direct participation or advice. The basis of our work is a complete immersion in the problem of the client, which allows, after reviewing all the details and nuances, we find the best solution. And as long-term practice of our work, even the development of modern technology does not affect the change of human problems that are associated often with the search of people with infidelity, finding spies, collecting information, and more.

Establishment of the fact of adultery

Infidelity - is not only a common cause of divorce because of infidelity women or men, but also the most frequent occasion to appeal to the detective agency in Ovruch. Such orders applies to quite delicate mission that requires us not only to be experts in the field of surveillance of people, but also have excellent psychologists who are able to make conclusions about the unmistakable personal life, without conducting a thorough photographic surveillance. But also if you need clear evidence that your wife has a lover, then you will certainly get them, until the complete dossier on this man. But such orders have already negotiated always individually.

Identifying infidelity husband or wife commits us to confidentiality. But this guarantee applies to each service provided by our detective agency in Ovruch. All the evidence we have obtained about the change of the husband or wife, you get personal, excluding any possibility of transfer of information to third parties. Also, we never keep any duplicates, to avoid any possibility of information leakage. So if you lose the materials that prove that your significant other is cheating on you, then any second appeal to us will already be a new order to check on the loyalty of your spouse.

The use of lie detector

The advantage of the detective agency in Ovruch is not only working with one of the best and most experienced private investigators, but also what we use in our work only modern equipment that allows us to more effectively carry out some investigation. One such device is the lie detector, which is very effective in some cases, information gathering, one hundred percent accurate. Polygraph test allows us to understand how honest the interview your new job seeker, whether your employees have no relation to the theft of the company and to get answers to many other questions.

Search of people: swindlers, debtors, relatives

Revealing her husband's infidelity

People may disappear from our lives for a variety of reasons. Someone leaves home after a serious conflict, someone taking a large sum of money, do not have the ability or desire to return it, someone intentionally deceives and disappears after that. But whatever happens is you, our staff is always ready to immediately start looking for relatives or other people with whom you need to reconnect. Modern possibilities not only allow people to search by name, but also to take action to find a person by phone number. If the subscriber does not answer, you can simply order the identification of his address on the phone. Especially, this method helps in the case when it is impossible to find the last name of the person.

Search for bugs

Wiretapping phones - this is not the plot for a detective movie, but real action spies who arrange shadowing man. And although many seek some unique antiproslushku, which excludes the possibility of draining the information, the most faithful and reliable way to detect the interception of mobile phones is to check the premises to detect listening devices. That you can order from us as security database of your company from the intrusion.






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